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Saturday, April 29, 2006


“Moderately drunk, coffee removes vapours from the brain, occasioned by fumes of wine, or other strong liquors; eases pains in the head, prevents sour belchings, and provokes appetite.”
-- England's Happiness Improved (1699)

“No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee's frothy goodness.”
~ Sheik Abd al-Kadir

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love.”
~ Turkish proverb

“Without my morning coffee I'm just like a dried up piece of roast goat.”
~ Johann Sebastian Bach, The Coffee Cantata


Blogger chamblee54 said...

Perhaps we should offer a prayer of gratitude for the LEGALITY of coffee.
What if the government had made a decision to outlaw caffeine, instead of cannabis or cocaine? Today, instead of enjoying a flavorful cup of a delightful beverage, we would be buying truckdriver pills at outrageous prices from shady people.
When coffee is outlawed, only outlaws will have coffee.

1:45 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger Zach Young said...

If that were ever to happen, I would be the first to become an outlaw. Coffee is so beautiful.

11:15 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger gratefulbear said...

Actually there have been times when coffee was outlawed. It was originally considered a "heathen" beverage because of its association with Muslims. And coffeehouses have historically been political meeting places, so coffeehouses have been outlawed at times as well.

“A PROCLAMATION FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF COFFEE HOUSES: Whereas it is most apparent that the multitude of Coffee Houses of late years set up and kept within this Kingdom...and the great resort of idle and disaffected persons to them, have produced very evil and dangerous effects; as well for that many tradesmen and others, do herein misspend much of their time, which might and probably would be employed in and about their Lawful Calling and Affairs; but also for that in such houses...divers, false, malitious, and scandalous reports are devised and spread abroad to the Defamation of His Majesty's Government, and to the disturbance of the Peace and Quiet of the Realm; his Majesty hath though it fit and necessary, that the said Coffee Houses be (for the Future) put down and suppressed...”
~ King Charles II of England, December 23, 1675.
This rule was revoked on January 8, due to widespread citizen protest.

11:37 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger Rainbow Demon said...

Here, Hear...

From a fellow coffee=lover. Very interesting little history, GB.

(((smiles... I've just had 3 mugs.)))


9:54 AM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger Trev Diesel said...

As a fellow coffee enthusiast...

...thanks for the quotes! Genius!

9:57 AM, May 02, 2006  

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